50W X 2 Class D Amplifier

Part #: PA100B

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The Class D amplifier equipment with a Class D amplifier to deliver at least 50W output power per channel on the main speakers. The Class D amplifier is the most efficient amplifier among the Class A, B and AB amplifiers in the market. More efficiency means for a given power level applying to the amplification system more output power is generated to become audio signal rather than more heat is generated and dissipate in the system. Therefore you are more "GREEN" while you are listening to the music.


Feature & Specification
Input: RCA AUX
Stereo Speaker out, line out
Maximum output power:
   -50W+50W(4ohm) ;
   -30W+30W(8ohm) ;

Frequency response:20-20kHz(±0.5dB)
Integrated de-pop function
Power Supply: 120W (24V/5A)
Very fine finishing metallic case
Dimension:around 116 X 82 X 32mm
Net Weight:360g

Package Contents
Class D amplifier x 1
User Manual x 1
AC to DC 24V adapter x 1 (optional)


Part Number Chipset


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