USB Monitor and Fast Charging Adapter

Part #: UCM01A

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UMC01A is device with Artificial Intelligent monitoring the charging condition of a device



Select button for different display mode



Manually set different kind of devices if your charger does not support fast charging mode of your devices

 It can use as usb power monitor tool to test the power passing through the device like usb pen drive and data sync


Can change to different cables like iphone cable and micro usb cable in different length too



The USB Monitor provides a safe monitoring charge platform for your mobile device with a current passing through not exceeding 3 Amp. It also checks which chargers and charging cables can provide the actual charging condition as they claim in their specification.


 Slim design, suitable for different applications
Artificial Intelligent monitoring charging voltage and current
Enviromental friendly - Sleep mode entering after unattended for 8 minutes
Mode button: Switching between Auto, Voltage and Current mode
High Precision Opamp inside for current/voltage detection
Over current warning if the charging current exceeds 3 Amp
A handy test tool for testing your cable/power adapter for charging of your mobile devices
Enable the fast charging for different mobile devices
Display: 3 digit 7-segment LEDs


The actual charging current depends on how much current the devices can accept, how much current of the charger can provide and the quality of the charging cables employed.
The display shows the actual charging current providing to the device. This current must not exceed the maximum current allowed, otherwise the USB monitor shuts down the charging process to protect the attached devices.


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