High Durable 4-Port USB 3.0 Add-on Card (VLI, 4E)

Part #: EU312E

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Win 10 OS Windows 8.1 Win7 Win Vista 32/64-bit Win XP 32/64-bit
Win 10 PCI-Express 2.0 x1 USB 3.0 USB 2.0 ROHS CEFCC

The 4-Port PCI Express Super-Speed USB 3.0 Card adds 4 USB 3.0 ports to any PCI Express-enabled computer system. With USB 3.0, you can reach speed data rate up to 5.0 Gbps, while still being backward compatible with existing USB 2.0 devices at 480 Mbps.

Features and Specification
 Complies with PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.0
 Supports PCI Express x1 Lane interface with throughput up to 5 Gbps
 Complies with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification Revision 1.0
 Backward compatible to USB 2.0 and PCI-Express 1.0
 Complies with eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) Specification Revision 1.0
 10 times faster than High-Speed USB 2.0*
 Supports the following data transfer rate:
        - USB 2.0 mode up to 480 Mbps*
        - USB 3.0 mode up to 5 Gbps*
 Supports Bulk Only Transfer (BOT) mode and USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) mode
 Total 5V / 3.6A current output
        - High Efficiency (Up to 90%) DC-DC voltage regulator to convert USB 5V from 12V*
        - Over current protection (OCP) and short circuitry protection to avoid the damage may cause by attached USB device*
        - Guaranteed 5V / 900mA for each USB port*
        - Toroidal Inductor which allows for high magnetic permeability for large current output of USB ports*
 Flatback Aluminum Heatsink
        - Flatback shape design for semiconductor*
        - High Density Aluminum for maximize the efficiency of heat conduction*
        - Prolong the life time of semiconductor*
 Resettable fuse
        - Famous brand – Little fuse resettable fuse*
        - Protect the product if the USB device drawn too much power from the product or even short circuitry*
 High Durable Solid State Capacitor
        - High Stability for temperature change*
        - Best filtering of power ripple noise for each of the USB port*
        - Long life time up to 2000 hours*
 Supports 4 external USB 3.0 ports
 Upright style external USB 3.0 port makes the product support low-profile chassis
 Fully Plug and Play compatible
 Supports standard and low profile computer chassis

* This term does not represent actual data rate of 480Mbps, 5Gbps & 3Gbps and simply indicates compliance with USB 2.0, USB 3.0 & SATA II standards. Actual maximum data rate depends on PC configurations, cable conditions as well as connected devices.

System Requirement
Any computer with an available PCI Express x1 slot
Supports Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 / Vista / XP 32-/64-bit

Package Contents
USB 3.0 PCI-Express Card x 1
User's Manual x 1
Driver CD x 1


Part Number Feature differentiation Chipset
EU312E-1 with 4P Molex Power connector(must be inserted for the external USB devices
Standard profile bracket
EU312E-2 with SATA Power connector(must be inserted for the external USB devices
Standard profile bracket
EU312E-3 with SATA Power connector and DC-DC 5V/3.6A Output
Standard profile bracket

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