6xUSB Power Fast Charging Bar with Voltage / Current Meter

Part #: UAP03A / UAP03B

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UAP03A can be mounted on different flat surfaces with the removable sticker on its back.



Display Voltage, Current, Sleep and Auto mode. When charging current over limit is detected, display SOS



Power input from a standard 5.5 X 2.1mm DC Jack receptacle with wide range of 9-28VDC voltage, which different source of power adapter



All components are carefully chosen



My-USB Power Mon provides a safe monitoring charge platform for up to 6 mobile devices to be connected at the same time. With its speciality of small in size and capable for wide range of power input make it very suitable for travellers who might carry it around to charge their mobile devices on their business trip or holidays. It has a high output of current of maximum 6.5 Amp and 6 output of USB power sources, so that the users need only one charger adapter while they are away, instead of bringing all the charging adapters.


 Slim design, suitable for travelling and desktop
Artificial Intelligent monitoring charging voltage and current
Sleep mode entering after unattended for 8 minutes
6x USB Type-A female power output up to total of 6.5 Amp
Employ solid state capacitor for more stable power and longer life time
Display: 3 digit 7-segment LEDs
Wide input voltage for different environment
   - 9-28VDC, 5.5 X 2.1 mm standard DC Jack
Mode button: Switching between Auto, Voltage and Current mode
Power ON/OFF button, protecting devices from unstable power source and over charging current
Accompany with accessories
  - Either: 12/24VDC standard car cigarette lighter adapter
  - OR: 100-240VAC 36W power adapter with standard IEC C7 input socket and power cord to suit your country
Dimension: 113mm X 26mm X 18mm


2.0 Amp 2.0 Amp 2.0 Amp 2.0 Amp 2.4 Amp 2.4 Amp


Part Number Feature differentiation
UAP03A with AC Power Adapter and Car cigarette lighter power kit
UAP03B with Car cigarette lighter power kit only


The actual charging current depends on how much current the devices can accept and the charging cables employed.
The display shows the sum of the consuming current of all the devices attached to the charging bar. This current must not exceed the maximum current allowed, otherwise the charging bar shuts down itself to protect the attached devices.


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