PCI Multi I/O card (2 Serial RS232 Ports & 1 Parallel Port)

Part #: PMT03A

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Windows 8 Win7 Win Vista 32/64-bit Win XP 32/64-bit Win 2008 32/64-bit Win 2003 32/64-bit Win 98SE/ME/2000 DOS Linux
Parallel RS-232 ROHS CEFCC


This PCI multi I/O card expands your system by multiple additional COM ports and parallel port on your PCI capable PC system. You canconnect different serial/parallel port devices like printer, scanner, modem etc. to this card.

Features & Specification

 Fully compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.3
 Supports PCI Power Management 1.2
 Supports I/O Address Remap and Port Name Remap
 Supports multiple cards on one PC
 Microsoft WHQL driver for Windows operating systems

Serial Port (RS232) interface
 Data rate 115.2Kbps on each serial port
 High Performance UART with 16C1050A core
 Built-in 256-byte depth FIFO in transmit & receive paths of each port
 Supports hardware and software flow control
 Provides sleep mode operation to reduce the power consumption
 Optional jumper for setting RI, +5V and +12V on pin 9 of each serial port DB9 connector (Dedicated Model)

Parallel Port interface
 Supports all IEEE Standard 1284 Protocols
 Supports Compatibility Mode, Nibble Mode, Byte Mode, EPP Mode and ECP Mode
 Built-in 16-byte FIFO for SPP/ECP mode

System Requirements

 Windows 8 32-/64-bit, Windows Server 2008 32-/64-bit, Windows 7 32-/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-/64-bit, Windows Server 2003 32-/64-bit, Windows XP 32-/64-bit, Windows 98SE/ME/2000, DOS, Linux Kernel 2.6.14 or above
 PC with a free PCI slot

Package Contents

 PCI Multi I/O Card x 1
 User Manual x 1
 Software Driver CD x 1
 DB25 parallel cable with bracket x 1


Part Number Chipset
PMT03A SystemBase