Half mini-PCIe to Full mini-PCIe convertor with SIM socket and USB host

Part #: MCV01A-1

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PCI-E Mini card Win 10 USB ROHS CEFCC

The convertor tool allows you to change your half mini-PCIe card into the full mini-PCIe form factor.

Supports half mini-PCIe card to full mini-PCIe slot
Support 1 SIM card slot on-board
USB Host

 Compatible with 1-Lane (x1) PCI Express Full Duplex throughput
 Compliant with PCI-Express Revision 2.0(depends on the host motherboard)
Backward compatible to PCI-Express Revision 1.1
Mini PCI-E connector complies with PCI-E Mini Card Electromechanical specification Revision 1.2
Supports both PCI-E type and USB type minicard

System Requirement
PC with Mini-PCIe Card full size slot

Package Content
 Half Mini-PCIe To Full Mini-PCIe Convertor
User Manual x 1


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