USB Graphics Adapter

Part #: ADVI series

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           This USB Graphics Adapter enables you to connect one more monitor, LCD or projector to a computer with a USB 2.0 port. For desktop users adding an extra monitor via USB connection is easier than ever without having to open the computer chassis to install an internal video card.
          With this handy adapter, you can enjoy many benefits brought by an add-on monitor. The most obvious one is that you get more desktop area to have more applications visible at one time. For example, you may work on one monitor while your family watching video on the other. No more stacking windows within the confines of a single display. Or you may span an application, e.g. spreadsheets, across two sides of displays. What's more, the adapter is hot pluggable. If you are not using the extra monitor, just unplug the adapter at any time, no reboot needed. You can connect up to 6 USB Graphics Adapters to a computer simultaneously.

Features & Specification

Graphics Interface 
 USB interface: USB Mini-B type Female. Bus-powered
 Plug & Play and Hot-plug -  Add or remove monitor without system reboot
 Supported Display Interface: 
          DVI-I 24pin + 5pin Female
          VGA Female (DVI to VGA converter required)
 Supported Display Resolutions:
          16:9 aspect ratio: Up to 1920x1080 (1080p Full HD)
          16:10 aspect ratio: Up to 1680 x 1050
          4:3 aspect ratio: Up to 1600x1200
 Supported Display modes:
          Primary Display
          Mirrored Desktop
          Extended Desktop (Left, Right, Above, Below)
          Rotate (Normal, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Upside Down)
          Color depth (32-bit, 16-bit)
 One LED indicator: Blinks during data transfer activity
 Supports up to 6 USB Graphics Adapters to work simultaneously on a computer
 Supports resume from hibernation and suspend modes
 Supports Windows Vista Aero Interface

Package Contents

 USB Graphics Adapter x 1
 USB 2.0 Standard-A to Mini-USB cable x 1
 User manual x 1
Accessory Option
 DVI to VGA Converter


Part Number Feature differentiation Chipset
ADVI-D1-FLHD DVI output only Displaylink
ADVI-D1-02AC DVI output, microphone input and headphone output

 Displaylink and CMedia