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Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

We have been so successful that we serve the majority of our customers on an OEM/ODM basis and we have also established a highly successful line of products under our own Best Connectivity brand name. This strong emphasis on design and quality has also established strong relationships with our OEM customers, who benefits from the synergies generated by our design, manufacturing and our customer service process


We are devoted to manufacturing and developing total PC solutions for every computer user, from mainstream to enthusiast. Utilizing our technical expertise and innovative designs, we are constantly expanding our product line so as to offer advanced computer peripherals to meet the personal and industrial needs of modern computer users.

Our commitment to product, people, technological innovation, will advance our quest for superior products and quality services our customers require. We are about to enter a new century and establish new markets with advanced products. We are well prepared to meet your needs.

Best Connectivity has become a recognized brand of credentials Quality and Reliability but also to assist our clients to establish their own OEM Brand in maintaining market needs.

Our objective is to enhance our position as a provider of advanced electronics manufacturing services. Our strategy to meet this objective includes the following elements:

Establish Close Relationships with Customers. We believe we can become an integral part of our customers' operations by working closely with them throughout the design, manufacturing and distribution process, and by offering flexible, highly responsive services. We believe we develop strong customer relationships through a management approach which fosters rapid decision-making and a customer service orientation that responds quickly to frequently changing customer design specifications and production requirements. This customer-focused approach allows us to accelerate our customers' time-to-market and time-to-volume production and helps them to respond quickly to change.

Deliver Complete Manufacturing Solution. We believe OEMs are increasingly requiring a wider range of advanced engineering and manufacturing services in order to reduce their costs and accelerate their time to market. Building on our integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we provide services from initial product design and test to final product assembly and distribution to the OEM's customers.