Speed Dragon unveils a series of ExpressCard™ value of your Notebook / Desktop features

Hong Kong 6 January, 2006 – Speed Dragon Multimedia Limited, the prestige manufacturing leaders of multimedia products unveils a series of ExpressCard™ value of your Notebook / Desktop features and carry forward the benefits of “plug-in” I/O cards to the next generation of personal computing devices.

The ExpressCard™ supports high speed USB 2.0 & PCI Express application that is suitable for both Mobile & Desktop system. Speed Dragon will roll out our first SATA II ExpressCard™ to hit the market. This ExpressCard™ utilities the advance SATA II features including 3.0Gbps high transfer speeds, Native Command Queuing, port multipliers with FIS-based switching, programmable output signal swing strengths for longer external cables or extended backplanes, hot plugging, enclosure management and ATAPI device support. Users can enjoy ultimate speed in transfer data, file, movie, and music from external SATA/SATA II devices.

Furthermore, this is a smaller & faster PC card solution with larger bandwidth. It is an ultimate solution to work with your Notebook computer – easy, flexible, time saving and convenient.

Finally, it supports Plug & Play feature, you can connect & remove it whatsoever you want. You can even leave all the peripherals connected to this ExpressCard™ , disconnect or re-connect it when you are in needs or return to work.

Should you get more information , please go to our website on www. speeddragon.com