Corporate Profile

Speed Dragon Multimedia Limited established in 1996, is a global manufacturer of computer peripherals and multimedia devices. We have a team of electronic engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers and industrial & product designers, with more than 20 years experience in the computer hardware industry. We design, manufacture, and market PCI-Express and PCI add-on card, ExpressCard and Cardbus adapter, hard disk enclosure, Network Attached Storage (NAS), IrDA, WIFI, Certified Wireless USB and Bluetooth device, USB VoIP phone, and other multimedia products.

Our competitive edge in the global marketplace is the vertical integration of all our industrial resources for better control over production cost, quality assurance and logistic management. We have a wholly owned manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China with staff of over 500 & floor area of 10,000 square meters, facilitating assembly lines, plastic injection lines, molding workshop, RoHS compliance test lab and reliability & failure analysis lab.

Our Mission

We aim at high standards for all of our works and pursue to be a leadership role in our industry. We also believe that teamwork is the foundation of everything we have and drives us to improve ourselves. To deliver total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will forever be a friendly partner of our customers.